In 1985, our oldest son at the time was two years old. We had just moved to Burnsville and wanted to have a Santa experience for our son. We found an ad in the local paper and the rest is history. Santa Ken visited our home for the growing up years of our two sons. Since then, our oldest son has become a father and we have started the tradition with another generation. Thank you, Santa Ken, for making Christmas special for all children and adult believers!

Fran and Margaret Warnemunde, Burnsville, MN

We very much enjoyed our visit to Holz farm today!

As you requested, here are a couple of pictures of our little guy with Santa. The third picture is probably the best. If you find them useful, you are more than welcome to post them on your website.
I think we’ve found a new family tradition…. thanks again!

Kelly & Nick Schlagel

Santa Ken,

You were amazing tonight!  All the parents raved about how calm, patient and kind you are to the children!  I love that you give each child the right amount of time.  Thank you for the fun visit and the wonderful memories made this evening!  Merry Christmas!

Missy Torbenson

Best Friends Daycare in Lakeville

I can not thank you enough for stopping at my house on Monday night. You made a big difference in the lives of each of my grandchildren! I did receive a text message about an hour after you left telling me my granddaughter Alissa (in North Carolina) was still sitting on the couch with her mouth open as she could not believe what had happened.

I promised Josh and Alissa that I would write to Santa right away to see if we could make the list for next year since they will be home for good and have the opportunity to see Santa in person.

I will keep your contact information (if that is ok) and get in touch with you next season….. Hopefully the first of November will still be the right time to contact you but let me know if it is helpful if I get in touch with you sooner.

I hope your Christmas was as rewarding as mine was and again, thank you sooo very much!

Janie Carlson
Apple Valley

Hi Santa Ken — a belated thank you for visiting our grandchildren on the 18th; you are awesome! I hope you and your family had a
nice Christmas. Will be in touch with you to schedule for this year!

Jan Cooper


Ken has visited us continuously since 2011!  It’s such a relief to not have to beg Grandpas and Uncles to put on the musty, dusty Santa costume from our basement storage.   Ken has always been very responsive in scheduling and confirming our appointment, and I especially appreciate how he personalizes his visit by using the kids’ names and referencing things that are important to them.  A very memorable and believable Santa experience!

Carrie Jones
Apple Valley

I have used Ken as Santa for my Day Care since 2015. He is so good with the kids, very patient, can get them to talk to him and tell him what they want from him. He allows the families plenty of time to take pictures of him with their child/ren, family pictures with Santa and is never rushed or impatient. I have given Ken’s name out to a number of others I know looking for a Santa as he has always been dependable, on time and so professional. He has a big heart when it comes to the kids. We love him and will continue to have him visit us during the Holiday season. I am very happy with Santa Ken 😉

Debs Day Care
Apple Valley, MN

Santa Ken has been part of our family Christmas celebrations since the early 1980’s and we wouldn’t have it any other way! My daughter and her cousins were very small children when Santa Ken first came to our home bringing candy canes and gifts. Now their children are experiencing the same wonder and excitement their parents did over 30 years ago. Santa Ken plays his role perfectly. He gathers information about each child before he arrives so he can talk to each of them about the special things they have been doing. My “grands,” who range in age from 2 to 8, are convinced Santa Ken is the real deal! We will be inviting Santa Ken into our homes for years to come.


We moved to Eagan in 1986 and we answered an ad in the newspaper for a home visit from Santa. That was Ken’s first visit to our home to be Santa for our four children. We were so pleased with Ken, that we had him come to our home every year since. He takes the time to talk to each child while they sit on his lap. He stays until we have taken all the pictures we want. Since his first visit where there was only six of us,through last year when we had 24 family members. Ken (Santa) has become a tradition in our home so much that years when we didn’t have small children, our children still requested that Santa Ken be a part of our holiday celebration and we will keep that tradition for years to come!

Carol and Roger

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